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Divergence Academy offers Immersive and Weekend Programs for working professionals, college grads and transitioning workers

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Data Science, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing Training Programs

Our full-time, 10-16 weeks Data science and Cyber Security training experience hones, expands, and contextualizes the skills brought in by our competitive student cohorts. Incorporating traditional in-class instruction in theory and technique, with labs curated around various cyber and analytics topic areas including penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, threat hunting using machine learning. Both Data Science and Cyber Security students have access to full career support throughout and after the Immersive Program.


Get ahead with expert-led training in data science, cyber security,  cloud computing and more— on campus and online.


Get ahead with expert-led training in data science, cyber security,  cloud computing and more— on campus and online.

Learning by Doing

We are currently delivering Cohort #17 of Data Science Weekend Program, Cohort #2 of Data Science Immersive Program.

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Data Science

Our 12-week immersive program will help you master big data scale Exploratory Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and Model Evaluation and Deployment.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Professional Penetration Tester immersive program is a 400-hour course delivered over 2 weekday evenings and Saturday to prepare you for the role of Certified Ethical Hacker.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Consultant is an online 120-hour practical introduction to the application of well-architected AWS solutions.

Divergence Academy is a combination of structured learning, mentoring, and projects. Its curriculum covers different technologies then projects utilizing a combination of those technologies. It is very hands-on and leverages the diverse experience of the students to enhance the experience. The projects are easily transferred to corporate solutions and many of the tools remain available to the students.

Lamont Lockwood

Enterprise Architect, IBM

Upcoming courses

Our short courses are 40-120 hours and immersive courses are 400+ hours in length. All short courses are scheduled for the weekday evenings and weekends. Call us for custom scheduling for dedicated corporate training.

  • 24

    Applied Big Data Analytics

    5 days, 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
    Apply Data Science techniques from Exploratory Data Analytics to Model Development and Deployment on Big Data.
    • $3,500.00 excl. Tax
  • 24

    Cybersecurity Professional Penetration Tester

    20 weeks, 400 Hours, Hands-on with Lectures on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays. Labs on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    Session information
    Security Foundations
    Mon 24 Sep 18:30 - Sat 27 Oct 16:00
    Network Pentesting and Exploitation
    Mon 29 Oct 18:30 - Sat 10 Nov 15:00
    Competing in Capture the Flag Event
    Mon 12 Nov 18:30 - Sat 17 Nov 16:00
    • $18,000.00 excl. Tax
  • 06

    Cloud Compting Consultant

    3 days, 09:30 AM - 02:30 PM
    The 60-hour course is designed to teach individuals how to optimize the use of the AWS cloud by understanding AWS services and how these services fit into cloud-based solution.
    • $3,895.00 excl. Tax
  • 13

    Data Science

    6 weeks, 09:30 AM - 01:30 PM
    Solve real-world problems in public open data and private industry specific domains.
    • $3,500.00 excl. Tax
  • 15

    Data Science Immersive

    Two Modules before Dec 15th and Two Modules after January 7, 2019
    The Data Science Immersive Course is a 12 week immersive boot camp program.
    Session information
    Exploratory Data Analysis
    Mon 15 Oct 09:00 - Fri 19 Oct 17:00
    Advanced Data Visualization
    Mon 22 Oct 09:00 - Fri 26 Oct 17:00
    Modeling for Inference
    Tue 30 Oct 09:00 - Fri 02 Nov 17:00
    Supervised Learning
    Mon 12 Nov 09:00 - Fri 16 Nov 17:00
    Ensembles and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    Mon 26 Nov 09:00 - Fri 30 Nov 17:00
    Unsupervised Learning
    Mon 03 Dec 09:00 - Fri 07 Dec 17:00
    Scaling Analytics with Distributed Frameworks - 1
    Mon 07 Jan 09:00 - Fri 11 Jan 17:00
    Scaling Analytics with Distributed Framework II
    Mon 14 Jan 09:00 - Fri 18 Jan 17:00
    Advanced Machine Learning Use Cases
    Mon 21 Jan 09:00 - Fri 25 Jan 17:00
    Project Capstone
    Mon 04 Feb 09:00 - Fri 15 Feb 17:00
    Business Use Cases and Whiteboarding – Employment Skills
    Mon 18 Feb 09:00 - Fri 22 Feb 17:00
    • $17,000.00 excl. Tax

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