John Nguyen is no beginner when it comes to System Integration, but he wanted to do more. That’s when he decided to enroll in a Cyber Security program at Divergence Academy. He knew that adding more data science to his skill set would improve his chances of more exciting opportunities in the world of technology.

John had funds available and ready to use thanks to WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act).  So, when he found out it would mean rescheduling to make the next class, he made a major career decision to make good use of his grant – he opted for coursework in the Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) program at Divergence Academy.

His background with Scada technology, HL7, and project management are all career boosters, and now with his certification in the CEH program, his career advantages are multiplied.

Combining experience with new found skills, John has gained experience while a student at Divergence Academy in the Cyber Security Professional Penetration Tester program.

“I have a whole new vocabulary now thanks to my training at Divergence Academy. And I’m extremely excited about the interview process I’ve been going through with a big-name security company. I have met with HR, the hiring manager, and next is the tech person. Wish me luck!” he said with a smile.

John is one of many success stories made possible by Divergence Academy. The immersive learning programs create adaptive learning solutions to empower individuals to pursue what they love, using the most relevant skills of the 21st century.

The 10-16 week programs in Data Science, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing are comprehensive and easy to migrate into real-world career opportunities. Find out more.