Partnerships With Divergence Academy

When you partner with divergence academy, you aren’t just making your students or your company stronger, you are joining an elite group of some of the top industry leaders in the world, like IBM, Citibank, and AT&T, and as a result, all are greater than the individual. We aren’t just another skills academy, we are the leading edge and future of what it means to be fully prepared for the demands of data science and cybersecurity in an increasingly hostile and competitive marketplace. Our strategic partnerships make the skill-sets and career advancements for our students among the finest on Earth!

Strategic Partnerships Reduce Your Risk

When your company invests its resources into Divergence academy as one of our partnerships, the risk shifts from the individual student, to our shoulders. We can work within your terms to help improve the success rate of both the student and the specific applicability to your institution. Is there a course you need offered that is not within our curriculum? Let us know! Is there an application you need more focus on than others? We can do that. Is there some level of compatibility with another partner that you’d like to explore? Why not! We are a constantly evolving center for learning that ranks as only one of five in the United States capable of providing the same level of depth and expertise, specifically because of our ability to partner with you, receive your feedback, and improve our courses.

A $24 million skills development fund is available to Texas employers

Richland College offers a variety of workforce training courses that complement our advanced technical curriculum to serve your diverse workforce needs.

Divergence Academy Instructors

Experienced working professionals that are SMEs for the topic. They have a passion for teaching, bring real-world practice into the classroom to lead hands-on learning curriculum. Our instructors are capable of leading beginner to advanced topics.