In March of this year more than 100,000 women gathered for the 3rd annual Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference. Ambassadors representing women from around the world came together to explore ways in which data science will solve complex global issues, while also showcasing women leading the way as active, successful data scientists.

Divergence Academy is experiencing the ongoing enthusiasm and interest of women pursuing data science. We are proud to recognize the diverse representation from countries near and far. Some of our alumni that have completed the Data Science program at Divergence Academy include the Data Scientists from the local Dallas Fort Worth area as well as students from Cameroon, Sudan, the Philippines and more.

As our enrollment continues to grow with women and men realizing the demand for high quality, high performing data scientists throughout the world, we are excited to be guiding so many careers.

Our Data Science Immersive Course is a 12-week (approved) immersive boot camp program offering a direct path to a career as a Data Scientist. The comprehensive 420-hour curriculum includes 8 courses, 2 weeks of project capstone, interview preparation and white boarding skills, extensive hands-on skill building, and guided product training.

Divergence Academy Data Science graduates move forward in their careers with the much sought-after knowledge and skills for immediate employment as Machine Learning Engineers, Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Product Managers, and Consultants.

We also offer a shorter 6-week intermediate level data science course which is a practical introduction to the interdisciplinary field of data science and machine learning.

Our courses are 70 percent hands-on, in-class modeling exercises combined with 30 percent talks to explain the concepts. There are four homework assignments to reinforce the learning in the class and a final project presentation to be presented in front of a Divergence Data Science group. Instructors are never far away, standing by to help you with issues or concerns. Call us at (214)-997-6100 or visit us online for more details.