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The team

Meet the team leading Divergence Academy

Sravan Ankaraju

Founder & President

Sravan Ankaraju is the Founder and President of Divergence Academy. His experience is in moving large teams at Microsoft from reactive to predictive to prescriptive support through embracing of risk based assessments and machine learning models. He started his career as a developer and developing large-scale transactional systems applying various tree-based algorithms. He understands the pipeline jungles and hidden feedback loops associated with world of machine learning.

Viswanath Puttagunta

Director of Data Science / Principal Data Scientist

Vish enjoys curating Data Science curriculums, mentoring and teaching professionals transitioning into the field.  He’s also one of the proud organizers of DFW Data Science Meetup, a group dedicated to building a Data Driven culture here in the DFW area. Vish leads the team at DIVERGENCE.ai and is responsible for understanding customer objectives, working with domain experts in Marketing, Operations, Predictive Maintenance/IoT and building end to end ML/AI pipelines. 

Beth Lahaie

Director of Programs

Beth is an enterprise software sales professional who has worked alongside some of the most forward thinking teams at AT&T, Lucent, Genesys and Nuance. She’s built sales teams from scratch, represented one of the first SaaS companies in 2000. Beth gets referred to engineering leaders at information based internet companies to provide early stage sales strategy and team building.


Chief Happiness Officer

aka Machine Learning Chi (ML Chi), his owner Beth brings him to work to provide a playful distraction for the students. He was named after “Bear” in the TV show “Persons of Interest” about an AI machine a year before Beth joined Divergence Academy, it was destiny. 

Marcel Samuel

Instructor / Cloud and Microservices

Naveen Kumar

Instructor / Data Science and Big Data

Joo Ann Lee

Instructor / Data Science

Shrinath Parikh

Instructor / Cloud and Big Data

Scott Love

Instructor / Data Science

Marquel Dancy

Instructor / Cybersecurity

Logan Hillard

Instructor / Cybersecurity

Sanjay Basu

Instructor / Cyber and Cloud

Rajganesh Pandurangan

Instructor / Cyber

Ashok Pai

Advisor / BI Technologies

Ashok Pai is a passionate technologist with a background in distributed systems, business intelligence, and operations research. His vast software engineering experience involved stints at Microsoft, The Walt Disney Studios, America Online and Cray Supercomputers. 

Krishna Kavi

Advisor / Strategic Programs

Experienced in managing large research projects in Dataflow and Multi-threaded computer architecture, optimization of cache memories, memory management systems. Currently working on 3D DRAM systems with embedded processing cores (PIMs) for Map-reduce applications. Also developing innovative approaches to understanding security vulnerabilities using ontologies.

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